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We got a rescue dog in October. When we came home yesterday there was blood all over the tile. We dropped Sierra at the math tutor and rushed to the vet. An hour later we leave with his foot all bandaged up. Lincoln told me how sorry he felt for the dog, for all he had been through. I told him Baxter would be fine because look at all Lincoln had been through and he was fine. Lincoln quickly said “But Baxter had it worse than me”. Curious how someone who has been through as many surgeries as Lincoln could say that I ask him why. “Because Mom, no matter what I went through I always knew my parents would be there and Baxter’s abandoned him”. I tell you what, if Lincoln can have that attitude with all the obstacles he has faced, there’s a lesson for all of us for sure.

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  1. Nancy Says:

    He has a wonderful mom and Baxter is a very lucky dog. I have a rescue also name SweetPea. She filled a hole in my heart when I had to put my other dog down.

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